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ariettaAs well as Makey Makey, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, our CoderDojo comes with some boards Arietta G25. It’s an Italian board based on a Linux kernel more light than the one managing the Raspberry Pi and it’s equipped with a considerable number of I/O pins making it more flexible than Arduino is. You can read more technical details about it on the web site of Acmesystems s.r.l.
Once we got our first Arietta, we had chemistry with this little card, since many of our mentors have Linux skills.
So we wondered: may we use Scratch software by MIT with Arietta, since it’s already used to manage Raspberry and Arduino?
Sure, we can !! This is more than a chemistry. This is true love made manifest.
In this page there is all you need to work with Scratch 1.4 and Arietta together. We tested all with Scratch installed on a Linux PC, but we are confident you can easily use a PC with Windows o.s., since only Scratch 1.4 has to be installed on the PC.

scratch2acmeboards (the name of our software) is able to handle all the GPIO pins of Arietta (and maybe also of the other Acmesystems boards) configured both in OUTPUT and in INPUT mode.

You can download scratch2acmeboards from github but we suggest to you to read the tutorial that you can download from this page.
Future releases will allow Arietta to interact with the latest Scratch 2.0 release.

Here you can start downloading and reading the tutorial for getting started with our program.

You need this Scratch image to have Scratch 1.4 with Mesh enabled

A very simple Scratch 1.4 project for a blinking LED on Arietta G25

A simple Scratch 1.4 project to turn on or off a LED on Arietta G25 if a push-button is pressed

Avvertenze per chi usa Google Chrome: se Chrome aggiungesse l’estensione .bin ai file scaricati, rinominateli esattamente in Scratch.image (invece di Scratch.bin) e (invece di pinPA23_blink.bin)